Mission, Vision, & Values

Change teaching. Change learning. Change the world.

Our mission:

The High Meadows Graduate School of Teaching & Learning is reinventing educator preparation in order to develop teachers who have the knowledge and skills to support their students’ ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The HM Graduate School’s competency-based model of teacher education prepares educators to design for rigorous, responsive and equitable learning environments.  We educate extraordinary teacher leaders and serve as a laboratory for innovation in teacher preparation.

Our vision:

We believe that education holds the promise of a better life for students of today and tomorrow. To realize that promise, we need educators who have deep knowledge of their subject matter and who can prepare their students to be agile and collaborative learners, to work in diverse environments, to persevere under stress, and to independently learn and grow.  We need educators who will prepare their students to flourish in the economies of the future, and to develop in them the knowledge and skills to create just and caring communities and a sustainable world.

For too long, teacher education has relied on methods and approaches that simply have not adapted to reflect the challenges of the times. The HM Graduate School, in collaboration with MIT, seeks to offer real solutions that will help our nation’s universities, school districts, and educators. Arthur Levine Founding President

Our Values


We believe that every member of our community, inclusive of all backgrounds, abilities, and identities, should be empowered to approach any subject with confidence and curiosity. In support of this end, we strive to create a diverse community at the Graduate School, one in which all members feel that they belong. We seek to use practices and processes that are fair and just for all members. We believe advancing equity requires continued collaboration with learners and the community as well as an understanding of how we are shaped by our past and present.  


We believe that we should never stop growing. We are committed to encouraging growth in ourselves, each other, and the communities of which we are a part. We believe in the power of information, inspiration, experimentation, feedback, sincere reflection, and deliberate iteration as tools for improvement.


We are part of a connected community that starts with those who make up our institution and stretches far and wide to those locally, nationally, and across the globe. We understand that we are a part of a large complex system with intertwined futures working towards a sustainable world. We build collaborative, trusting relationships to move forward together.


We want all learners to have agency as they engage in meaningful opportunities of learning. To this end, we approach learners with empathy, keep the needs of learners at the center of everything we do, and evaluate our efforts based on their impact on learners. 


We boldly experiment with new theories and technologies to enhance learning. Guided by diverse voices, we are informed by research and the experiences of our users. We are drivers of innovation, advancing meaningful changes in the learning spaces of the present and future.

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Change teaching. Change learning. Change the world.
We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2020. The application for Fall 2021 will be available starting September 1.

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