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The Woodrow Wilson Graduate School of Teaching & Learning is operating remotely in an effort to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Working & Learning Remotely

On Friday, March 13, the Woodrow Wilson Graduate School of Teaching & Learning transitioned to fully remote operations in an effort to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

The WW Graduate School is conducting remote learning sessions for teacher candidates (TCs). The community is also staying connected on various messaging and video call platforms, and faculty and staff of the Graduate School are available on email and by phone

“We understand the emotional gravity of the situation,” said Peter Laipson, Chief Academic Officer. “We want to support the TCs in every way.” As TCs joined the first all-remote Practicum session on Monday, March 16, Manjula Karamcheti, Director of Equity and Student Support, checked in to see that every TC was comfortable and confident in their personal health and wellness, and supported in their transition to remote learning.  The first all-remote learning session engaged the TCs and demonstrated that they will be able to continue to make progress with the academic portions of the program.  

The WW Graduate School will continue to operate remotely until further notice.

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