Mentoring & Support

Mentoring & Support

At the HM Graduate School, we believe that teachers should be well supported both as they prepare and in their early years in the classroom. Through the Graduate School’s innovative program, you have multiple resources at your fingertips as you begin your journey to becoming an educator.  Paired with the challenge-based curriculum that places emphasis on learning through doing, you’ll be surrounded by people dedicated to helping you succeed in this complex, challenging, and changing career.

Faculty Mentors
The High Meadows Graduate School has dedicated faculty members, called Faculty Mentors, to help teacher candidates as they work through the challenges. As the resident experts in their content areas, Faculty Mentors facilitate group learning and are available for one-on-one help.

Learning Design Coaches
For their clinical placement, each teacher candidate will be placed with an experiences teacher at one of the HM Graduate School's partner schools. These Learning Design Coaches serve as a sounding board and mentor as the teacher candidate practices teaching in a real classroom. The Graduate School currently partners with Burlington Public Schools, Cambridge Public Schools, Natick Public Scools, Revere Public Schools, Somerville Public Schools, and TechBoston Academy.

HM Academy Staff
Everyone on staff at the Graduate School is committed to making sure teacher candidates graduate with all the skills and tools they need to not only succeed, but excel from day one as a teacher. Whether coaching you on the design process, suggesting Boston-area events and lectures, or matching you with the right coordinating teacher, staff members are with you every step of the way.

The HM Graduate School recruits the best and brightest STEM graduates and professionals to become teachers. You'll be surrounded by peers with different content expertise and life experiences—all of which you can draw on as you move through the challenges based on what you know, how you learn, and the skills you prove.

Learning Partners
With collaboration at its core, the HM Graduate School is partnering with numerous Boston-area learning spaces to enrich the way its teacher candidates learn. As today's students spend more time learning during out-of-school-time (OST), candidates too will spend time learning and teaching in these spaces, including community organizations, museums, maker spaces, and more.

Continued Mentoring
For its many rewards, teaching is complex and challenging, with the first years in the classroom being some of the hardest. To ensure graduates flourish and stay in the profession, all candidates receive support through their first two years of teaching.

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2022-23 Academic Year

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